Letter from the Minister

To feel the rhythm of life ……..

There are some weeks when everything comes rushing at us all at once! The beginning of August was like that for me.  In and around three exuberant and exhausting days of holiday club, I found myself taking two funeral services.  When the week ended with a wedding I recognised afresh just how varied and wonderful my work is.  But I was not a little relieved to be heading off on holiday!

Joy and sorrow; work and play.  Not always so intensively condensed together but all part of the rich and sometimes perplexing rhythm of life.  Many of us have this summer had cause both to celebrate and to grieve; in our personal lives and in our interest and concern for the world at large.  And we have been more than ready to lay down the burden of our work to find time for rest and relaxation.

Life is all about rhythm; the essential rhythm of our heartbeat; the daily rhythm of darkness and light; the seasonal rhythm of summer and winter, growth and dormancy.  Feeling the rhythm of life helps restore balance and poise when events buffet and unsettle us.  Rhythms of prayer and worship; of study and sharing resource can sustain us in our mission and ministry as disciples of Jesus.

With the advent of September we mark the beginning of a new Methodist year.  Over the next twelve months there will be time for us to feast and time to fast; time for penitence and time for praise.  In and through it all we will learn again how to ‘dance to the beat of God’s heart’, in the words of one of our favourite worship songs.

In a helpful little booklet prepared by our new President, Loraine Mellor, and Vice-President, Jill Baker, we are encouraged this year to adopt a daily rhythm of Christian discipleship by practising five simple spiritual disciplines.  Day by day we make time to give thanks, to pray, to keep silence, to act and to give.  A spiritual five-a-day!  There’s a copy for each of us.  I commend it to you warmly.




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