Letter from the Minister

A Story of Giving….

This Lent we have reminded ourselves at worship each week that as Christians we journey towards Easter in the footsteps of the friends and followers who walked with Jesus to Jerusalem.  And we have prayed that our faith might be shaped and strengthened by theirs; that in our own struggles or suffering we too may venture everything on the promise of resurrection.

The journey reaches its climax in Holy Week when we have various opportunities to walk part of the way with one another.  After the exuberance and challenge of Palm Sunday, we can anticipate the story of Jesus’s betrayal and death by walking the Stations of the Cross on Monday evening at St Francis.  On Thursday evening we are invited to West Town to remember the Last Supper.  On Friday our procession from St Andrew’s to the Spar will bear public witness to the Love that gave everything to redeem the world.  And on Easter Day we meet at the Lake and in church to celebrate the triumph of the Love which overcame death and imbues our lives with strength and hope.

The Easter story, like the Christmas story and the story of Creation itself is a story about Giving, the Giving of a God whose inexhaustible Love in made known to us in the self-offering of his Son.  It tells how One who was rich beyond compare became as poor as any one of us so that we through him might become rich in love (2 Cor.8.9). The Story of Giving teaches us that we find the way to fullness of life by walking the path of costly love.

Since Covenant Sunday we have been taking time to consider how God is calling us to give what we can to his mission of Love in the world.  Whatever our resources – of time and energy, of wisdom and prayer, of gifts and skills – and of material wealth too – we will find joy and blessing in offering them to others and sharing in the sacrificial ministry of Christ.  This is how the Easter story becomes our story too.



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