Letter from the Minister

Am I Being Unfair To You ?

A friend was blessed with seeing words and numbers in colour.   For her Tuesday was blue, 100 a warm yellow!

She was a writer and chemist so her synaesthesia brought a constant kaleidoscope of colour into her life.

Colour is one of the many enjoyable elements we associate with the annual celebration of the Women’s World Day of Prayer.  For 2017 the Christian women of the Philippines have chosen a vibrant art work to illustrate their theme ‘Am I Being Unfair To You?

Another blessing connected with this service is the co-operation generated between all the churches in each of our two communities of Christians Together.  There’s a special recognition and warmth between us when all denominations work together ecumenically to interpret the teachings that come from so many countries around the world.

This year’s service offers us a moving insight into the life and work of the Filipinos who populate that remarkable country.  Over 100 million people inhabit 11 main islands.  Thousands more islands surround them, hosts to many endemic plant and animal species.  Their seas have the highest level in the world of marine diversity.  But the Filipinos live precarious lives, with the constant threat of typhoons sweeping in from the sea and earthquake activity too often obliterating their homes.

We recognise that the islanders, having survived 400 years of colonial oppression, have now achieved independence but there’s so much more for us to learn – the population is young, a third being under the age of 18.  Thousands each year migrate to other countries.  96% literacy has been achieved.  The old agricultural economy is now joined by the processing of electronics, copper and oil.  The service will help us all to more easily understand a nation’s courage and resourcefulness.

Look out for colourful posters revealing the imbalance of lives between the rich and the poor.  How do we regard fairness and justice?

Am I Being Unfair To You? refers us to our Lord’s parable comparing the Kingdom of Heaven to a vineyard, ending with the challenging statement: ‘So the last will be first and the first last’.  Expect some incisive self-questioning!

The WWDP service is filled with music, worship and reflection.  All are welcome – men, women, young and old.  Do come along on Friday, 3rd March, 6-7 pm, enter a new world and enjoy an hour or so of colourful revelation.

                                                         Pam Marchant  

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