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News and Prayer Focus – Jan/Feb 2016

Hello . . .

I’m very grateful for your prayers and encouragement as I’ve begun meeting with Church Councils, Stewards and Leadership teams around the Circuit. From January I am now full-time in this new role, having completed my time with Counties. I am excited about the future and very much looking forward to working more fully within the Circuit.

Love from Martin

The conversations have started!

I am very encouraged in these early months in my new Circuit role. As I have met with folk around the churches, I have been uplifted by an eagerness and enthusiasm to be positive about the future, and to embrace the themes of evangelism, community engagement and church growth.

In these early months I have been encouraging churches to reflect on three key ideas:

Firstly, that God is a missionary God, and that he call us, his church, to share in that mission. As Paul puts it “God . . . is giving the world a fresh start by offering forgiveness of sins. God has given us the task of telling everyone what he is doing. We’re Christ’s representatives.” 2 Cor 15 (MSG)

Secondly, churches are more likely to grow when there is a shared vision for the future. There are eight very different churches in the Circuit, each with their own specific context. Studies suggest that a shared understanding and commitment within churches to their particular focus of ministry and mission is an important factor in any future growth.

Thirdly, it’s not just about what we do, but also about the character of who we are. The culture of our churches is probably more influential when people are deciding whether or not to become part of church life, than the events and activities that we hold.

These key themes might be challenging to us, but they are important ideas that can inform our prayer, discussions and planning for evangelism in churches around the Circuit.

 Coming up soon?

I’m looking forward to continuing one to one involvement with churches who want to explore their future mission priorities, or want help with planning and organising specific events or activities.

I am also planning Circuit training and workshop sessions in forthcoming months on the following:

*  What does it mean to be a welcoming church?

*  Developing an effective church Facebook presence

*  Opportunities to develop Church Toddler Groups

*  Training in personal sharing of our faith

Thank you for your prayers:

  • For myself and my family
  • For our eight churches in the circuit, particularly those currently exploring their future mission priorities
  • For our local communities

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