Harvest Festival 2016 Gallery.

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Café Harvest Festival Service & Lunch was the first of our Season of Invitation services. We did not know how many of our invitees, if any, would actually come to West Town on Sunday 18th September.  This uncertainty presented a significant problem to those organising the catering for lunch and to others managing the seating round the tables.  However, it was a brilliant morning’s worship in every respect.  In came fifty people, filling a church which was already overflowing with good harvest offerings, whilst flowers, plants and grasses made a glorious display.  The impact when people entered the church was plain for all to see, and it was so good that when we arrived we had a welcoming cup of coffee to greet us. Deborah led us with inspiring words on the theme of ‘growth’ so that we considered anew the message from Jesus himself – just as seeds flourish in good soil and multiply, so our lives will flourish as we follow the word of the Lord.  Kirsty’s activities gave us great enjoyment and much food for thought.  Sheila played the familiar harvest songs and we all joined in with great enthusiasm.  Lunch was delicious and the responses from all who came to West Town were full of appreciation for the opportunity to experience Harvest Festival (Café-style) with us this year.  Many, many thanks to all who worked so hard to make our first Service of Invitation such a success.

Thanks to some very generous donations, £160 has been taken to the Bristol Methodist Centre for the Homeless, Lincoln Street, Lawrence Hill.