The Church and the Community

School Visit

As part of their research into ‘Interesting Buildings in Backwell’, fifty 6-7 year olds from West Leigh’s Year 2 came with their teachers to find out about West Town Church.  Deborah and Kirsty gave everyone a morning of fascinating information together with lots of fun and interactive activities. The children heard about our original chapel and lots of stories about what goes on every week in this building.

The children especially enjoyed acting out the process of baptism and another favourite was joining in some action songs.  All the children were enthusiastic and responsive and everyone, children, teachers, helpers like Brian, Pam and May, and, of course, the dynamic duo Deborah and Kirsty enjoyed a delightful experience – and apparently the children were singing all the way back to school!

There have been many letters of appreciation from teachers and children alike, and it’s a morning we shall remember at West Town for a long time to come.


 HALF TERM! SHROVE TUESDAY!  A dozen families enjoyed a splendid morning of activities to celebrate Shrove Tuesday at West Town. First of all there were lots of toys for the little ones to play with and games and craft and art activities for the older ones.

After a story to explain why we have a pancake day at all,  everyone put on hats and coats and gloves and collected Kirsty’s list of clues and questions to guide them around the Treasure Trails. Then all the parents and grannies set off into the sunshine with their babies and toddlers in their buggies and older children with pencils and paper and  made their way to the park.

Meanwhile the kitchen area was prepared for the feast of pancakes to follow as a reward for completing the trail. Tables and chairs were set out and there  with many extra delights available such as jars of maple syrup, honey and jam, cut up bananas, lemon juice and sprinkling sugar.

Half an hour later everyone was streaming back into church and finding a place at the table. Sarah’s home-made pancakes were absolutely delicious and it was a good thing she had made so many because the children kept coming back for more. Hot coffees and teas and biscuits went down well with the adults and Kirsty decided that as so many people had completed the trail successfully she would give every child an extra  prize as well as the pancakes. So she dipped into her large bag of chocolate coins and distributed them among those clever participants.

It was a lovely morning of sunshine, activity, fresh air, fun and delicious food. Thank you to Kirsty and Sarah everyone who made it such an enjoyable experience.

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