160th Anniversary

Here are a few thoughts on the weekend’s celebrations to mark the 160th Anniversary of Backwell Methodist Church.

“This momentous Anniversary was celebrated at West Town with a weekend of delight. On Saturday 7th December Tim Lewis and Sheila Furneaux entertained a capacity audience with their delightful musical offering of ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told.’ How we loved the old familiar tunes and the inventiveness of the new lyrics created especially to tell the story, all enhanced by splendid illustrations beamed on to the screen. Innovative, professional, hugely enjoyable – Thanks so much, Tim and Sheila. At Tim’s request, all proceeds, which amounted to the sum of £430, went to Caring at Christmas.

Afterwards we enjoyed Cake and Coffee. In pride of place was Val Webley’s magnificent  Celebration Cake, beautifully iced and decorated. It was a marvel to behold, and absolutely delicious. It wasn’t the only cake, though, and the tables were groaning with many good things to tempt us. The Side Room had a wall showing some of our Junior Church work and a big display of fascinating photos of the last fifty years of life at West Town. They encouraged everyone to remember many former happy occasions and reflect on the never-wavering optimism that beats at the heart of our small but vibrant Methodist community.

Very many thanks to all who came to join our celebration and to all who worked so hard to make the evening a very special occasion.”

“On Sunday 8 December we celebrated the 160th anniversary of Backwell Methodist Church by holding a special service.  Rev Keith Town who had a long and fruitful ministry here was invited back to conduct the service.  It was a delight to see both him and his wife Marjorie.

The service was well attended and Keith preached about building on solid foundations. This was particularly apt since it was 21 years ago that the builders handed over the keys following a major refurbishment.

As part of the service, the “Red Tie Brigade” choir treated us to a lively performance of a new song called “The future is in your hands”.   It was written by Isabel and Paul Cummings from Yatton Methodist Church and the choir sang it with their usual panache. Well done to Pam and the choir as a whole.

After the service refreshments were served and enjoyed by all.

In summary, an uplifting way to celebrate an important anniversary”.

With thanks to Pam Marchant and Carol Lomas for writing this piece.
Don’t forget to have a look at the pictures in our special photo gallery. There is a link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

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